Conspiracy Theory, Viral Lies, and Revisionist History

I get hundreds of e-mails a day, many from really educated and seemingly intelligent people. I say “seemingly” because some of what I get often consists of supposedly mainstream news articles filled with such nonsense that I am shocked that the people who sent them to me actually sent them to me.


These individuals do not fall into any one category. They are of every race, creed, color, gender, religious persuasion and political orientation. Here are two I recently received.


Much of what I am sent is not only false but would have been seen to be false by anyone doing ANY level of basic research.


It is not only lazy and sloppy thinking and it borders on the surreal.


Here are 4 of the most spam nonsense articles I have received.

  • “Pope Francis approves marriage for Priests” – NOT
  • “The City Council of Dearborn, Mich. Has approved Islamic Sharia Law for all citizens” NOT
  • Obama is setting up concentration camps. NOT
  • …and for all you folks who think Oliver North is a great American hero…….he created a program of concentration camps and marshal law for arresting dissidents – TRUE


The saddest thing about all this is that it is not benign. These fact stories are created and passed on with evil intent to very intelligent yet “intellectually lazy”  people who mean well but are seeking to reinforce their beliefs, often negative, about Muslims, Jews, Gays, Catholics, Palestinians Arabs, Zionists, Capitalists, Socialists, Republicans, Democrats etc. so they pay this “CRAP”, now their crap forward.


There is enough seemingly false information floating around that is actually true. Please don’t feed the “Stupid” frenzy by spreading rumors that aren’t true.


Here is a little musical entertainment about lying liars who lie!

Amazingly this group’s “sound” is a lie – dead ringers for the Beatles but it is not the Beatles.


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