On-Line Courses on Personal Growth and human Potential

For those seeking an advanced school in personal development, human potential and spirituality you may want to explore Lewis Harrison’s course, retreats  and program at www.chihealer.com

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If you meditate, read spiritual books or have an interest in movies like the “Matrix”, “Ground Hog Day” “or “What the Bleep Do We Know About Anything” These online classes may be “Just what the healer ordered”

Robin Trivers, Richard Dawkins, Reciprocal Altruism and Game Theory

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Richard Dawkins the noted ethologist, andevolutionary biologistpresented the idea that from the gene-centred view of evolution the more two individuals are genetically related, the more sense (at the level of the genes) it makes for them to behave … [Continue reading]

Gamification for Business Success


I gave a talk this past week on “Gamification and Problem Solving” at the Stamford NY. Rotary Club. Most of the attendees were over 60 years of age and some over 70. They were a bit overwhelmed to say the least. Much of what defines the … [Continue reading]

Conspiracy Theory, Viral Lies, and Revisionist History

I get hundreds of e-mails a day, many from really educated and seemingly intelligent people. I say “seemingly” because some of what I get often consists of supposedly mainstream news articles filled with such nonsense that I am shocked that the … [Continue reading]

Ask Lewis: What is the Deep Web?

Imagine a massive subterranean city that almost no one knows exists.   No imagine that this city lies beneath the city or town where you live.   Such a metaphorical place does exist on the internet. It is known, by those who … [Continue reading]

A Futurist Speaks On The History of Terrorism

Ask Lewis: Why is there such an increase in terrorism?   Answer: Actually there is less terrorism than ever before. Your question is an important one even if your assumption is incorrect. I will answer it in 2 parts.   You don’t … [Continue reading]