A Futurist Speaks On The History of Terrorism

Ask Lewis: Why is there such an increase in terrorism?


Answer: Actually there is less terrorism than ever before. Your question is an important one even if your assumption is incorrect. I will answer it in 2 parts.


You don’t want to skim this. It has some details and is likely to change your perspective on what is happening in the world.


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Here is Part 1.




I don’t know whether or not you bother following the news and reports on world affairs but if you don’t?… I don’t blame you. It seems pretty dark out there.


The fact is however that things are better than ever before. There is more respect for women, religious and ethnic minorities, and the rights of children than at any time in human history.


When you read an article about violations of human rights you are actually seeing it because good people are up in arms about violations of what is considered civilized human behavior.


So please do not fear that the world is going to “hell in a hand-basket” as out elders used to say.


Now let’s talk about all of this so called “Islamo-terrorism” that is in the media.


Let’s begin with a commonly accepted definition of what terrorism is. “ter·ror·ism

is “The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.”



As a professional Futurist – (Yes I do that too) I must always study the past and as far as economics and politics in history is concerned much of what has been the norm for thousands of years has been one form of terrorism or another


One of my favorite reference points for this idea is a movie “Quest for Fire”. Quest for Fire (is a 1981 film adaptation of the1911 Belgian novel by J.-H. Rosny.  It is set in Paleolithic Europe, 80,000 years ago, its plot surrounding the struggle for control of fire by early humans. Virtually every scene is a struggle between “have and have not” in ways that might be defined as terrorism today. The film is about tribes, territory, survival, reciprocal altruism and the Quest for Fire. Much of today’s so-called terrorism is about the quest for oil, other natural resources, corporate profits, and a struggle between multi-culturalism and mono-culturalism.


I am not concerned with so-called conspiracies, I am not a historical revisionist, and I am not an anti-corporate ideologue. I am a citizen of the United States and of the world.


I don’t like terrorism because I don’t wish to be terrorized and feel for those who are.


That being said this so called “terrorism” is not a new thing. It has been going on since the beginning of time. The difference is that this “new” terrorism is coming from places most had not expected it to come from.


The world is in a constant shift between power centers and when shifts happen there is collateral damage. It is sad, it is horrific, innocents are slaughtered…and the world goes on with those who want seeking to take from those that have.


All each of us can do is become educated, protest, and be an example of love and compassion in our own lives.


Tomorrow I will lay out a short history of terrorism. All you “real”  thinkers can use the list to transcend the clichés that arrive when some sociopath decides to kill innocent people or take hostages and cloaks himself (it is usually a he) as a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Jew.


Question? How come agnostics and atheist never seem to take hostages? (No I am not an atheist nor an agnostic and please don’t profile me!)


Here is the movie trailer for Quest for Fire.






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