100s of Lifehacks: Today’s Lifehack is How Build a DeskTop Computer for $60 or Less

This hack requires a bit of time, patience, some dumpster diving and a friendly computer repair shop.


Here are the details in this hack.

  • Often when the external hard drive on someone’s computer crashes they dump the entire unit including a perfectly function keyboard and screen.
  • You can find perfectly functional and “free” computer screens, keyboards and a mouse (the computer part not the rodent) at the Transfer Station (we used to call them the town dump.) or put out on the sidewalk for pickup.
  • If you know when the pickups are made you can go there the day before to find what you need.
  • Now for the last piece of the puzzle – Many computer repair shops especially in small college towns or locations that are 20- 30 miles from the nearest mall have perfectly functional hard drives that no one seems to want and that may even have original software installed. You can often barter for it (See the chapter in my books on barter) or buy it for as little as $40-$60.
  • All you have to do now is take the hard drive home, plug all the pieces in and your good to go!


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