An Attitude Adjustment

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        Lewis Harrison – Founder and Director


I was recently re-reading The Power of Positive Thinking By Norman Vincent Peale and the Secret. I also spent time this week with a few old friends and clients who have crappy attitudes about life. They are “glass is half empty” types and it got me to thinking about the holiday season and how many people find this time of year depressing. It also reminded me again about the role of attitude and perspective on how we experience life. Now I’m not going to give you’re a sermon on attitude or bore you with a long blog on how to get a positive attitude but it did get me to contemplating on the subject.

Then I I received an e-mail from my old friend Mark Braunstein. I know Mark about thirty five years and send him the blogs that you are receiving from me. He is an author, philosopher, activist, scholar, entrepreneur and incredibly positive about life and living. . He also has some pretty extreme physical challenges. You see many years ago he went hiking and dove off a small bridge over a stream. Lots of people jump off this bridge into this stream all the time. Mark did it too (he is a pretty good athlete). When he came up he realized that he couldn’t feel his legs.

But Mark not being able to feel his legs is not the point of this blog. Mark has a pretty good attitude so the fact that he can’t feel his legs is just what “is” The point is that some people have a positive attitude about life and living and some people have a crappy attitude about life and living.

I have learned as a life and success coach and as an “expert” on Applied Game Theory that attitude counts for a lot concerning how we make choices in life and how wise these choices are.

This isn’t some half-baked motivational philosophy. Numerous studies show that this is so. People with positive attitudes have better marriages, more friends, make more money and die happier than people with crappy attitudes.

Now back to Mark Braunstein.

Well about a year after Mark’s accident (he’ll correct me if I’m wrong) network television did a show on extreme events that happen to people and that get caught on video. It happened that Mark’s friend had video-taped him jumping off that bridge. We had a party at my apartment in Manhattan. Mark came in his spanking new wheel chair and a good time was had by all as we watched the TV show. Yup, there was mark jumping off the bridge. Yup there was Mark coming to the surface realizing that he couldn’t feel his legs.  Eventually the party ended as all parties must and Mark went back to living his life with some new and unexpected challenges. He became an activist for the legalization of medical marijuana, testified at government hearings and generally did what he did before his accident; -lived a good life and made a positive difference in the lives of others which he continues to do.

So the essence of today’s blog is this…If you have a crappy attitude get rid of it. If you can’t get rid of it replace it with a positive attitude.

You might say, “Lew it’s not that easy. My parents had a crappy attitude, my siblings had crappy attitudes and I came from a damaged childhood where everyone and everything was designed to support the development of a crappy attitude.” You might say that.”

I feel your pain!

Now the visionary psychiatrist who created the foundations behind Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Tony Robbins ideas was named Milton Erickson. Erickson, who created Ericksonian Hypnosis, said that some people respond to visual influence and others to auditory. If you happen to have a crappy attitude and would like to have a positive attitude this music video by Billy Joel might be of value. It is the song “Your Only Human: Don’t forget Your Second Wind” The link is below. I have included the lyrics in case you want to sing along


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