Zen, Business Success and Stress Management

 Zen is a practice that deals with the concept of deep awareness and wisdom  through intuition during meditation, and the application of all this in daily life including in business success

Zen defies definition. It is a philosophy of non-philosophy, an intellectually guided practice of anti-intellectualism, and the un-measurable science of non-being. The practice of Zen is the pursuit of various techniques, chiefly Zazen meditation and the study of kōan, which are designed to confound the logical, rational mind in order to trigger or shock the mind into experiencing states of enlightened awareness.


It is rooted in the most profound elements of intuition and life itself, and the facts of unfettered experience. It transcends the dogmas of traditional religious rites and rituals and focuses on cutting through the veil of the unfocused mind to the core, inherent nature of man.


Many Westerners are confused by Zen for they assume it is a religion but this is not so. According to the greatly respected Zen Master D.T. Suzuki “It is not a religion in the sense that the term is popularly understood; for Zen has no God to worship, no ceremonial rites to observe, no future abode to which the dead are destined, and, last of all, Zen has no soul whose welfare is to be looked after by somebody else…


The attraction of Zen to the spiritual seeker is because it is chiefly concerned with the concept of ‘being’. In the West “Being” has usually been the concern of science, mathematics, and  defining and measuring the tangible world around us in order to create a universal model of reality.  Zen is born out the eastern idea of ‘non- being’, which is best understood as the negation of absolute definitions, and eschews attachment to the world of measurement and form in favor of a practice of non-attachment. It is a pure experience of the world than is expressed often through different systems of philosophy, ethics and esthetics in the eastern world.


We were recently offering a seminar on stress management at the Catskills Bed and Breakfast  – www.TheCatskillsbedandBreakfast.com – in Stamford NY. During the breakout sessions we offered stress management seminars that including creative visualization, spirituality in business and onsite chair massage

The question came up. What is Zen?

There is no simple answer to what Zen is? What is known is that its practice leads to a state of knowing that is authentic, unfettered, and expresses one’s actualization. In this state of awareness one has less stress, less anxiety, less greed, and less concern for the mistakes of the past or expectations for the future.


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A Problem Related to Spirituality: Understanding the Concept of Free Will

Until the End of May these blogs will focus on problems related to creating a spiritual life.

Lewis Answers: One of the most commonly discussed ideas among thinkers great and small is whether human have freedom of choice or is everything we do predestined? Historically, there have been two schools of thought concerning whether or not we have free choice. 1. Determinism: This is the idea that for everything that happens there are conditions that dictate that, given those conditions, nothing else could happen. 2: Metaphysical libertarianism: Implies that though there are many factors, variables and events that cross our paths the individual may be able to take more than one possible course of action even under this set of circumstances. Metaphysical libertarianism is concerned with how something is known rather than what is known.

The principle of free will has religious, ethical, and scientific implications especially for a student of the Wisdom Path. Recent  neuroscientific findings regarding free will may suggest different ways of predicting human behavior, which is an essential factor in the creation of life strategies.

Even if free will exists there are always going to be constraints that define how we are able to make choices such as physical constraints (e.g. chains or imprisonment), social constraints (e.g. threat of punishment or censure), or psychological constraints (e.g. compulsions or phobias). In fact, some important thinkers concerning this discussion (compatibilists) will often assert that determinism is not just compatible with free will, but actually necessary for it.

In the end there is actually no way to know if there is or not free will. The illusion of ordinary life convinces us that we are free to choose but there is much evidence that could prove that this is not the case. The best one can do is live daily applying the four pillars that define the Wisdom Practice – Meditation, the study of koans, chop would and carry water, laugh sing, dance and be silent.


Lewis Harrison is a poet, author, teacher, speaker, life coach and contemporary spiritual teacher and mentor. He is the creator of www.AskLewis.com. Lewis specializes in helping individuals and organizations solve basic and seemingly unsolvable problems through the application of principles and ideas drawn from Decision Science, Positive Psychology, Game Theory, Zen, many of the great thinkers and from his personal life experiences.

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Thoughts on Peak Experience

I began my career as a motivational speaker. This peaked my interest in life coaching, spirituality, positive thinking, success, personal power, and issues related to “self-help” and personal enlightenment. Over the years I have gotten to meet many extraordinary people. Occasionally I receive a gift in the form of an e-mail full of life and wisdom. I recently received such an e-mail from a deep thinker and world traveler named Vicky Kapatos. The letter she wrote was very kind and enlivening and I wanted to share it with you.   Enjoy, Lewis Harrison – www.AskLewis.com ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Dear Lewis, I just read your definition of the peak experience and I got shivers down my spine as you put it in such an eloquent way and decribed it so perfectly how I experienced it that it blew me away.  I wanted to share my experience with you as you hit the nail on the head.  Thanks so much. Regards Vicky  My three peak experiences were so profound they changed my life and “blew” me away. They made an orgasm feel insignificant or mild. The peak experience which I call the mystical experience as I am spiritual but not religious, was so ecstatic that I felt unified and unseparated and “whole” with the world. An intense love agapi not eros takes over your being and you transcend ego but ego is still there in a refined state. It’s seriously amazing and hard to explain. Only to people that have had them know what you’re on about.  So it can be a lonely experience trying to explain to people what they are without sounding weird.  So I usually shut my trap about it, only at appropriate seminars, workshops I will discuss if it is raised. One happened with an ant on the ground on a bush walk feeling serene and sunbathed as I was walking in nature, I looked down and saw this bull ant which I nearly stepped on accidently. I raised my foot and an immediate sensation took over where the ant I were one and unified and an intense love for it took over me. Deep compassion and love for this creature permeated my consciousness This lasted approx 2 minutes. One happened with walking on the beach very early in the morning waiting for the magic of sunrise, the sun was me and I was the sun and I felt a deep protection and blessing. This one was so intense I had to surrender almost in prayer on the sand. The other with a beggar on the street near the sacred temples of Mahabalipurum Chennai India, when I looked into his eyes I saw his soul. Again I was him and he was me, not separated. Deep love and compassion for him and I were one. My husband had to take me back to the hotel as I was and “spun” out by it in awe. The effect it has is profound.  It intensifies humility, compassion and empathy and helps you surrender to a greater force than you as you are not separate from the world, humanity and nature. It all becomes one living consciousness and you are of it and in it. Hard to explain using platitudes, it really is an experience, words do not do it justice. Vicky PS I was not on any mind altering substances in these experiences. I am wary of anyone that tells me they’ve had a peak experience on drugs. Then it’s not the real thing. Only in a natural state can this truly occur. Drugs are a poor mimic of a true potential The peak experience is what I believe helps in self actualizing or self realizing. Everybody has it in them its a matter of trying to assimilate the ego into doing things that really matter to our true nature, experiencing by leading an authentic life, which ​I have been trying to do for over 30 years now.​  No one should ever think they are special having one of these as you are not.  God does not discriminate. The peak experience is a small taste of the ecstasy of God ​for me​. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo