Corporate Chair Massage and Worse Case-Scenarios

Much of my work in Stress management work in NYC involves corporate chair massage, also known as onsite massage of seated massage.

Many companies create holistic and wellness fairs to educate their employees and give them more skills for effective decision making. Any type of mobile massage can provide that positive edge that increases productivity and reduces absenteeism because physical health influences mental clarity and corporate chair massage is an effective approach to ending the spiral of stress  though merging the mind and body.



This work is especially useful for those dealing with worse-case scenarios.

A worst-case scenario is a concept in risk management wherein the planner, in planning for potential disasters, considers the most severe possible outcome that can reasonably be projected to occur in a given situation. Conceiving of worst-case scenarios is a common form of strategic planning, specifically scenario planning, to prepare for and minimize contingencies that could result in accidentsquality problems, or other issues.

The worst-case scenario is “one of the most commonly used alternative scenarios”. A risk manager may request “a conservative risk estimate representing a worst-case scenario” in order to determine the latitude they may exercise in planning steps to reduce risks. Generally, a worst-case scenario “is settled upon by agreeing that a given worst case is bad enough. However, it is important to recognize that no worst-case scenario is truly without potential nasty surprises”.  In other words, “[a] “worst-case scenario” is never the worst case”, both because situations may arise that no planner could reasonably foresee  and because a given worst-case scenario is likely to consider only contingencies expected to arise in connection with a particular disaster. The worst-case scenario devised by a seismologist might be a particularly bad earthquake, and the worst-case scenario devised by a meteorologist might be a particularly bad hurricane, but it is unlikely that either of them will devise a scenario where a particularly bad storm occurs at the same time as a particularly bad earthquake.

The definition of a worst-case scenario varies by the field to which it is being applied. For example, in environmental engineering“, “[a] worst-case scenario is defined as the release of the largest quantity of a regulated substance from a single vessel or process line failure that results in the greatest distance to an endpoint”. In this field, “[a]s in other fields, the worst-case scenario is a useful device when low probability events may result in a catastrophe that must be avoided even at great cost, but in most health risk assessments, a worst-case scenario is essentially a type of bounding estimate”. In computer science, the best, worst, and average case of a given algorithm express what the resource usage is at least, at most and on average, respectively. For many individuals, a worst case scenario is one that would result in their own death.

The story below is an example of a worst case scenario where clear thinking saved a life in a worst case scenario.



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