Game Theory, Politics and Truth

I often get questions on the practical application of game theory to daily life and problem solving tips. I received a wonderful E-mail from a dear friend this evening describing some confusion she is having that game theory can address.

She stated “Watched Stuart Brand, author of the Whole Earth Catalogue on a 16 minute TED Talk which I found amazingly informational and startling, particularly when he was recommending GMO’s and nuclear energy.  Then on SOS, Spring of Sustainability program listened to Frances Moore Lappe (Diet for a Small Planet) someone else who deserves great respect, and the viewpoint is the opposite.  What do YOU do in cases of constant contradiction …”

I have had similar confusion about various issues important to me through the years and still have internal conversation with myself concerning new dilemmas all the time. This is what I wrote to her..

“There is no contradiction here. Simply different perspectives or I like to say different games.

Is the perspective Economic? Political? Cultural? Gender Based? Intuitively Base? Emotional? Religious? etc. Each of these domains of perspective will require a different process and end result.

For example concerning the second amendment and the right to bear arms. It is easy to say that guns are bad and most progressive thinkers believe they should be banned.

Where I live the violent crime rate is very low and no one locks their doors. It is also an area where gun ownership is widespread. Burglars tend to burgle elsewhere. Am I against legal gun ownership or against it??? I wouldn’t own one but I seldom lock my door because my neighbor does. he is also one of the most passive and kindest people I know. I doubt that I could shoot someone even if I had to protect myself. I’m not sure if this is a flaw in my character or a glowing quality.



I have a friend who hunts and is also a very passive, introspective and gentle soul. My other friend is against hunting he thinks it is cruel but does it meat. He also has a bad temper. Glad he doesn’t want to own a gun.  Make sense out of that one?


It’s all perspective. From a “freedom to choose” what I eat perspective GMO’s are bad and all GMO foods need to be labeled as such. Monsanto from this perspective is the devil. But……if they cannot make money from patenting their genetic research then they won’t do the research at all. Much of this research is valuable on a macro level (feeding people in Africa) but not on a micro level  – getting quality honestly labeled produce and dairy into my fridge..


There is no easy answer here. Sometime what seems progressive isn’t and what is seen as evil capitalism may serve a large good.


This is true for many different development – fracking, Canadian oil sands, raw food and so on and so forth.


Man proposes and God laughs. Part of introspection is to discover what our perspective actually is and how we must act even if it goes against our former beliefs, I did not eat eggs or drink alcohol for 35 years. Now I occasionally partake of both.


No easy answers here. But very good questions.



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