Get Cheap Eats During Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week

One of the best ways to stretch your resources especially cash resources is find ways to get quality products and services at a fraction of the retail cost. When researching vacations or travel one of the most effective ways to do this is to travel to a desired location a week before the high season begins or a week after it ends.

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If fine-dining is your pleasure you  may wish to research when the Restaurant Week is happening at your vacation destination or in your local area.


Tired of living on cheap burgers?

Restaurant Week is an event held twice a year in which participating restaurants  offer prix fixe lunches and dinners. At the finest restaurants, this can be a fraction of the usual prices.

The event is held in early winter (January/February) and summer (June/July). Since its inception in New York City in 1992, Restaurant Weeks have seen an increase in appreciation, followers, and footfalls to such an extent that it has inspired people to create their own version of the event in many cities across the globe.

Most Restaurant Weeks exclude Saturdays Prices do not include drinks, taxes, and tips.

The structure and system for participation of Restaurants during these Restaurant Weeks will vary though they are often highly coordinated with the same prices and restrictions in participants. Not all restaurants will feature the restaurant week menu on all days or meals; some may only open for lunch and others may only open on weekdays




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