What is Game Theory and Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory?

Most humans seek the same things from life: love, freedom, emotional balance, clarity of thought, spiritual contentment, success, a sense of purpose and happiness.

Everything you are about to read about Classical game Theory and the work I have created, Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory, is dedicated to guiding the seeker of knowledge, truth, and wisdom to achieve all of these.

What is Game Theory? 

It is a formal academic field which came into being between the late 1930s and mid 1940s: first with Émile Borel’s research presnted in his 1938 book, Applications aux Jeux des Hazard; and later with John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern’s1944 book Theory of Games and Economic Behavior.

Among scientists the term Game Theory is used to describe mathematical concepts (systems) that were designed to explain why and how individuals and organizations strategize, i.e. make decisions when one person (or more than one other person) might also affect the outcome of the decision.  Eight Scientists, mathematicians and economists have been awarded the Nobel Prize for their work in in the application of Game Theory to solve the worlds problem’s

What is Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory (LHAGT)?

This is an umbrella term for the systematic organization of thousands of interrelated games including those related to business, politics, spirituality, competition, sports, romance and even interactions with nonhuman players such as computers, animals, and plants.  Most of the games within Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory combine logical, rational and intuitive strategies, the goal which is to create the maximum amount of  love, joy, spiritual contentment, emotional balance, mental clarity, freedom, and happiness.  A comprehensive list of over 470 games created by and discussed by Lewis and his students can be found in this web site.

How Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory Came into Existence

Lewis Harrison,  a practical philosopher, author and personal development entrepreneur  has spent the last three decades organizing a vast body of research on classical mathematical Game Theory to create a 3,800 page mentoring manual and personal development guide (a work in progress) which can be easily used  for creating successful life strategies.  This manual, Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory integrates a vast range of  ideas drawn both from the the formal sciences and from personal development research, holism, economics, the social sciences, quantum theory and other areas of human potential

Lewis’ has offered and continues to offer offers public presentations,, mentoring, coaching and numerous programs in Applied Game Theory  to  companies, associations and to college students throughout the world.  This body of work offers the motivated thinker a systematic approach to self assessment as well as tools for the integration of intuitive wisdom and the logically – intellectually sound ideas needed making effective choices.

Lewis’ work is greatly infuenced by the ideas of Lao Tsu, Rumi, the Baal Shem Tov, Leonardo DaVinci, Clara Barton, Albert Einstein, Kurt Gödel, Eleanor Roosevelt, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Josepth Campbell, Suzuki Roshi, Buckminster Fuller and other important thinkers and visionaries.

Lewis’s coaching/mentoring work, seminars, lectures, workshops and programs are filled with laughter, are  thought provoking,  life changing and transformational.

How to Use Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory (LHAGT)

We often speak of the “Game of Life”.  In fact life really is a Game  if we are speaking of a  systematized activity, where an individual or groups of individuals must create effective and efficient strategies and make decisions that will lead to a desirable outcome.  What can be a greater outcome than greater freedom, abundance, wellness, spiritual contentment, mental clarity and happiness.

Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory is one of the most efficient and effective tools for playing the Game of Life.

Here is how you can get started applying these ideas:

  1. Begin by clicking on the button in this website entitled “A List of Over 470 Success Strategies.”
  2. Review the various Levels and the “Conversations” listed in these levels.
  3. Begin with the Foundation Work by requesting specific Conversations. You can order one per week at NO CHARGE by e-mailing Lewis Harrison at LewisCoaches@gmail.com.
Learn More About  Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory (LHAGT)

To contact Lewis about entering an accelerated study of Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory or to learn more about  about working with him online, by phone or at his retreat center at The Harrison Center click on “The Course” button on this website or call him at             212-724-8782

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