How to Get Enlightenment: A Game Theory Perspective

I cannot define what is “Enlightenment” with any mathematical surety but one thing I am 99.999999…% sure of,  that there are many paths to Enlightenment and the extraordinary individual not only recognizes this but also gets to choose fwhich path to walk upon.

These paths are not associated with any particular organization, There is no church, temple, mosque to belong to or services to attend. There are no rites, rituals, ceremonies, clergy, specific holiday books or strict rules.

This week we had a gathering of Wisdom path Community members at our retreat center  –  and we began to discuss zen, Buddhism, the Dalai Lama and the concept of Enlightenment.

Everything in the universe seems to have a pattern of some sorts; some systematic element that links all the people, places and things.  The great link between all paths is LOVE. Of course for some, surrendering to love is to frightening a proposition. So for those not ready to “Surrender” to what  “Is” here is a formula for taking the journey. Think of it metaphorically like “A” Yellow Brick Road to Oz” or as any path you might wish to imagine.

What is Your Life Vision

Vision 1

The portal to any path of enlightenment is to define your life mission or vision.  The refrain “If you don’t know where you‘re goingany road‘ take you there” a paraphrase of an exchange between Alice and the Cheshire Cat in Chapter 6 of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland says it all.

To have a mission or vision means that one has a concept of what one wishes to experience. It is an expression of ones fundamental needs. To have a life mission or mission set’s the process in motion.

The Process

Process 2

The process usually takes one of, or a combination of three elements. One is literally drawn to do one of these things.

  1. Study some form of organized knowledge. Often this is sacred texts or holy books, philosophy, theology or science.
  2. Expand or development intellectual skills and other mental tools for learning.
  3. Enlarging and understanding idea and values. This includes ethics, moral thought and intuitive understanding of being


Vision 3

Once one has been drawn to and chosen one of the three processes a need arises to act upon it.  There are usually three actions that one may chose to further move onto the Path from process. These are;

  1. Structured, formal instruction through lectures, textbooks, tests and quizzes.
  2. Coaching, mentoring, and supervised practice.
  3. Questioning and exploration of ideas through active participation. This is commonly known as the Socratic Method.

Forms (Doing What Needs to be Done)

Vision 5

With Vision comes the concept of Process and Means is necessary to bring that process to fruition. Just as a one might wish to experience the ocean mist upon ones face (Vision), they must go to a place where there is an ocean mist (Process).

Now the question arises what forms, area of operation and activities will one choose to fully engage this framework and bring it to fruition.

Again there are three aspects for doing this. Some of these take the means that we have already embraced and giving them a more structured form.

The three forms are:

  1. Choosing specific areas of specialty to act on (three is a good number to begin with) and narrowing one focus onto one are or expanding outwards. (Expanding would need to be the natural pattern of expression for a “polymath” or Renaissance man or woman.
  2. A changing , flexible and ever-changing mixture of reading writing, speaking, and listening; mathematical calculating , planning, problem-solving, observing, measuring and estimating; and exercising critical judgment under the guidance of a coach or mentor.
  3. Discussion of important ideas with a coach or mentor and a program of meditation, contemplation and at times ruthless introspection.

The three choices in any category to not necessarily flow into the next category in any order or sequence nor is any one approach or form of teaching or learning necessarily confined to any one area of exploration.

Thanks for reading and sharing my work.



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