Intuition, logic and Problem Solving

In my work as a teacher, mentor and coach my students and peers often accuse me of being “too much in my head” and not driven by my intuition – by the heart center. I spoke about this in my blog a few weeks back. I wanted to revisit this discussion.


It is my belief that they misunderstand what I am doing and how I am doing it.


All of my work is driven by my heart center, which I understand to be a commitment to love and to kindness and compassionate thought and action. My experience has also taught me that unless one lives as a recluse and in the company of saints that one must strategize to minimize the influence of those individuals who are not driven by kindness and compassion. Thus my work is a merging of the heart and spirit and the “earthy” logical patterns of the left brain.

I am neither a slave to logic nor intuition and emotion. I use both. I say feeling from the gut is good. Feeling from the gut with a game based strategy is better.

My first choice is always the heart and the spirit, but the heart/spirit without a clear sense of where one fits in the world of “ordinary thinkers” is I believe a path to unnecessary suffering. After all one must at times make choices to address those who engage us without love, kindness or compassion.

Idealistically speaking, pure love, hugs and nurturing is the way to go, but it takes an orderly, logical thinker to deal with much of what the world hands us.


meditate, do my yoga and Tai Chi, have loving friends and do service to other consistently. I also know that some folks who come into my sphere will behave badly no matter how much love they are given. This is where I apply the rule “Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer”. I’d rather not even use the term enemy or think of others as enemies. I can always call them “mis-guided, potentially extra-ordinary individuals who have chosen to behave badly”.

Whatever one wishes to call them some folks simply insist on playing a zero sum game – a life game where they can only win if everyone else loses. The great Chinese Sage Lao Tsu did not want to play this game and so he retired and went to live in the ancient version of a “Gated Community”-A guarded monastic cave high in the mountains.

I love community and interacting with all types of people. In this environment I use my left brain often strategizing to gain the greatest benefit in a situation at the lowest spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and financial cost. This approach has worked well for me and for those I mentor and coach. If someone wishes to detach from ordinary interaction and is able to surround themselves with heartfelt people than my work and ideas are likely to have little value for them. However for the “Spiritual Warrior” – For the individual who must engage others who may be motivated and driven by various levels of anger, attachment, greed, vanity and dysfunctional ego expression, my work can be invaluable.


I hope this clarifies why I speak of coming from the heart yet seem to be in my head.


It was great to see you. If you have an interest in doing any coaching with me I still owe you one hour from our past work together.


Watch the Video “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers




Lewis Harrison, the author of this blog is a speaker, consultant, and Contemporary Spiritual Teacher. He is a pioneer in the personal development movement The author of nine self help books on human potential he offers seminar, workshops, retreats and phone based coaching. He is creating a series of ebooks entitled “Ask Lewis…” which will be available on line



Lewis offers phone-based and on-line life coaching services and created the course on Life Strategies www.How ToSolveAny – a simple system for decision making based on Game Theory, the idea expanded on by John Nash, the Nobel prize winning subject of the biopick “A Beautiful Mind”.



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