Depression or Happiness?

Attitude is about your perspective on things.

Can attitude have that much of an impact on a person’s reality? More than you can image. Of course much of attitude is tied to having positive expectations?

It is of course best to live life with as few expectations as possible. However, it is important to  have a deliberate and intentional approach to life.  Such a life can be driven by a deliberately optimistic attitude in thought, word and action. Such an attitude is often  associated with positive expectations.  In its fullest expression this can lead to hope, trust, and  acts  of  courage. It also frees the mind of worry, fear, doubt, limited thinking, and narrow-mindedness.

There is a thin line that separates the mental from the physical.  Research shows definitively  that  positive reinforcement can change brain function. It can be measured.  As far as the mind goes research has  also shown that memory, attention and language are physically changed when an  individual  is  trained  to  shift  his  or  her  attitude. Change your attitude and you can be happier. It is that simple


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