What is Chi or Qi?

STUDENT: Is there a simple way to define what Qi, Chi or Ki is?

LEWIS: It is the expression of the law of nature?


STUDENT: How does one know what is a law of nature?

LEWIS:  Part of the process of self knowledge is to isolate and explore those human traits that are innate and that significantly impact the way we live our lives.


STUDENT: Is there a definition for the systematic understanding of natural law?

LEWIS:  The simplest definition might be to speak of systems that define the workings of the universe. These systems are generally defined either as LINEAR or NONLINEAR. Linear systems tend to relate to mathematical and scientific systems. Nonlinear systems may refer to a diverse range of perceptions including physics, theology and the belief that a creative intelligence is expressed in all living things.  There is no absolute definition of “natural law.”  One could say that responding to our instincts is a way of being in alignment with natural law, but how does one know for sure that something is an instinctual drive?  One could say that we are a reflection of natural law — that we are immersed in it all times – but to define exactly what it is, is probably impossible.


STUDENT:  How are we a reflection of natural law?

LEWIS: Our primal self and our self-actualized self are all examples of a Natural System.


STUDENT: Aren’t we also cultural creations?

LEWIS: Not on the deepest and most profound levels.  We are neither a cultural creation nor a reflection of some historical development. The process of self-actualization includes the full expression of all aspects of the primal self, expressed in ways that serve our own survival, our own abundance, and also the greater good of the world. All this is expressed in the elemts and in through Qi. Ruthless self assessment helps you to have a greater awareness of it.


STUDENT:  I have read that in prehistoric times, human beings survived by being hunter-gatherers?

LEWIS: Most anthropologists would agree.


STUDENT: Why is the concept of Nature’s Systems or natural laws of importance to  you approach to coaching and mentoring?


LEWIS:  Part of the process that defines this work is the attempt to integrate many different perspectives on the social and ethical needs of humans – more specifically those needs that are innate.


STUDENT: Is there any way to systematize this process?

LEWIS: There have been many attempts by great thinkers – philosophers, theologians, anthropologists, geneticists, physicists, etc..  The best any of us can do is to make educated guesses resulting from our own introspection and intuition.  Of course, we as a species are constantly evolving, and each of us evolves uniquely and at a different rate. Questions related to human potential and natural law are generally more complicated than the questions related to sciences such as biology or mathematics, where systems and abstractions can be precisely organized and defined.



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