The Foundations of Applied Game Theory

I have been asked often why the course in Life Strategies and the 3,800 page manual known as Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory (LHAGT) needs to be so lengthy, detailed, and at times complex? Why can’t it be simplified, like one of those “Dummy” books. “Power for Dummies”, “Wisdom for Dummies” etc?


This is an important question and needs to be addressed. One might ask a farmer “why bother with weeding, fertilizer, or concern for the acidity or alkalinity of soil. Why not just drop seeds into the ground and let whatever will happen, simply happen?”


If you wish to live a simple life, content with where you are, who you are, and with whatever arrives in your path then the Course in Life Strategies and all of the research based on LHAGT will be of little use to you. If there is nothing to win, nothing to succeed at, have no regrets or expectations for the future, and no curiosity into the nature of being, what is true, real, or essential then it is best that you not bother your self with strategies, competition, organizations, etc.


If the basic is what you seek it may be best to leave intellectual inquiry, and the ruthless self examination that are core to LHAGT to others. For you, meditation, contemplation, prayer and general introspection may be enough.


However, there are some of us, those who we might call farmers of the mind, who have a deep passion and curiosity for ideas. These individuals feel the need to get to the core of things. For these individuals meditation, contemplation and general introspection alone may not suffice. For these individuals certain types of thoughts are like seeds that have been planted. These “thought seeds” need to be weeded, watered, fertilized and nurtured so that they may bear the fruits that are an expression of their true nature.


For the seeker of wisdom in a fast changing, multi-cultural, post-digital world who has both the need and the desire to explore ideas and dig deeply into the many aspects and layers of human existence I offer you Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory.


Many of us have a dream or vision that has never been fulfilled. We are seeking a meaning to our lives. This meaning, dream or vision might be connected to spirituality, wealth, relationships or career…somehow it got lost along the way. This course in Life Strategies, based on what is known as Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory can help you make that dream come true and help bring a meaning to your life by offering you a system of guidelines, tips, techniques, strategies and creative exercises..


Would you like to have access to a body of integrated knowledge from many reknowned, cutting edge creative thinkers? The Course in Life Strategies is a series of in depth conversations and courses concerning tried and true approaches to problems solving. It is through this work that one might achieve a life of greater meaning and create and experience greater love, mental clarity, emotional balance, financial freedom, personal effectiveness, generosity, compassion, kindness, contentment and happiness.


There is no short cut here.  There are aspects of life that require more than just motivation, inspiration, logical mathematical solutions or flip-simplistic solutions. There are times where one must explore deeply below the surface of things and then go even deeper to the very core. Just as a farmer must sometimes do what they do, both artistically, intuitively and logically with what has been planted. By and through this intention, a natural course of action is initiated and in time the fruit of this farming process will come to be. This is the essence of the course in Life Strategies and Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory. No more and no less.

 Lewis Harrison is the creator of Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory

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