Tips on Collaboration and Peak Performance

Tools for Self-Improvement. Mindfulness, Mastermind Groups, and Self-Improvement


Q.  How can a person become more effective, efficient, precise, and productive?

A. To achieve all of these things any decision-maker needs to think collaboratively.


Going it alone will not work as it once did. One way of escaping from what I have come to call Superman-Superwoman syndrome –saving the world by yourself – is to form a supportive mastermind group, a justice league of sorts. This collaboration is commonly known as a mastermind group. A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. The concept was coined in 1925 by author Napoleon Hill and described in more detail in his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich.  In his books, Hill discussed the idea of the Master Mind, which referred to two or more people coming together in harmony to solve problems.



Cooperation and collaboration through the use of mastermind groups were one of the laws of success that Hill learned studying successful Americans including Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and others.


Today many companies offer mastermind group environments to members.

There are two types of mastermind groups:

  1.  one is focused on an individual’s success,
  2.  focused on the success of everyone in the group.

Research suggests that optimal groups limit their size to 8 to 10 participants that meet regularly with rotating leadership.



Creating or joining a mastermind group will help you to maximize your potential, and achieve success at the lowest possible cost.


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